One Morning Left is:

Nio Hyttinen - Drums

Mika Lahti - Lead Vocals

Leevi Luoto - Lead Vocals and Guitar

Tuukka Ojansivu - Guitar and Backing Vocals

Miska Sipiläinen - Bass and Backing Vocals

Touko Keippilä - Keyboards and Backing Vocals

The story so far:

Founded in 2008 in Vaasa, Finland, One Morning Left is well known for their unique blend of electro, hardcore and metalcore influences as well as their entertaining and energetic live shows where absolutely anything can happen.

One Morning Left has gathered extensive live performance experience playing countless shows in Finland, touring mainland Europe, Russia, and the Baltics, and even performed in as faraway places as Iceland and Japan (with packed venues to boot), both as a supporting act and as a headliner. OML has played shows with bands like Amaranthe, Machinae Supremacy, Adept, Protest the Hero, Fear of Domination, Turmion Kätilöt and We Butter the Bread with Butter. OML has also graced the Finnish festival season, playing renowned festivals like Tuska Open Air and Rockfest.

The band gained early success with their 2008 EP "Panda Heart Penguin" due to it's fresh and ground-breaking musical style with catchy melodies, heavy breakdowns and feverish guitar riffing. The success didn't go unnoticed, and the band ended up signing a record deal with Spinefarm Records, who released OML's debut album "The Bree-Teenz" in 2011. The album reached #30 on Finland's official album charts, followed by the sophomore album "Our Sceneration" at #45 in 2013.

After "Our Sceneration", it was time for something different. Key line-up changes brought in Nio Hyttinen to take over drum duties with a passion, and singer/guitarist Leevi Luoto to share the lead vocalist spotlight, delivering his first soaring clean vocal performance on OML's hit single "Star of Africa". The single was a sign of things to come, as the song quickly shot to the top of OML's Spotify most played songs, only to be later dethroned by another hit single "You're Dead! Let's Disco!" from OML's 3rd full length album "Metalcore Superstars", released in 2016 through Inverse Records.

OML is currently putting the finishing touches on it's 4th full length album with additional firepower from seasoned players Tuukka Ojansivu on guitar and Miska Sipiläinen on bass guitar, as well as the return-to-form of original OML line-up's Touko Keippilä on keyboards. The album is shaping up to be the artistic peak of OML's musical "blood mountain" and everything the band has wanted all along: epic lyrics carried by soaring vocal melodies and harmonies and gritty, aggressive and distinctive dirty vocals from front man Mika Lahti, along with breathtaking keyboard leads, blisteringly fast guitars, masterful bass riffs and feverish drum parts.

The band has a strong fan base, as showcased by their 30k Facebook likes, 10k Instagram followers, over a million YouTube views and over 2 million Spotify streams.

Join us on our quest to make the world a bit more epic!


2008 - Panda <3 Penguin

2008 - Panda <3 Penguin Vol.2

2011 - The Bre-TeenZ

2013 - Our Sceneration

2016 - Metalcore Superstars